Nature Pictures - Nature Picture

I like nature photography and pictures of nature. I took many photos when I was traveling all over the World. I'll post many nature pictures taken by me and other friends and people. If you have nice digital photo art, picture send me by e-mail with a brief description and I'm gonna post it. You can find my e-mail under my profile.

nature picture

A monkey from Lagos Nigeria

A Bat from a market in Nigeria

This is a dead bat. They sell them on the market and eat them. They think it'll cure some disease.

An old cannon and the sunset

The picture has been taken somewhere to Hungary.

Nigeria nature - the coast

A friend of mine Bela took some pictures in Nigeria in 2005.

South Africa pictures

A friend of mine Robert is next to an ant heap.

Maybe the ostrich want to have some soda?

Birds from Africa

A small bird from Nigeria.

Winter photos

The snow with the foot steps

The ice on the leaves.

Ants pictures from Nigeria

Termite heap

The Lion King from South Africa

Bela Kozma took this wild nature picture in South Africa.

Grasshoppers from Nigeria

Two friends of mine were in Africa Nigeria and took some nature photos, here are two about grasshoppers.

Winter pictures from Chopok Slovakia

In 2006 January I went to skiing to Slovakia the Chopok. This photo taken from Lukova 1670 meters high

One of the peak in Slovakia

If you are bored with skiing you can try paragliding from Lukova peak.

The sky and the forest.